About - Daniel Bruce Acker

Dan Acker


When I was young I wanted to be a famous Top Fuel Funny Car driver. Then I wanted to be a rock star. I guess none of that worked out very well as I ended up working in graphic arts and through the years filled the roles of bookbinder, pressman, designer, web developer, and so on. I raised a family, started an astronomy club with my friend and somewhere along the way learned a little bit about photography. Now I'm facing retirement from that work-a day world of 9 to 5 producing for the man and I'm reinventing myself once again. Learning all I can about the art of photography and hoping that one day my name will resonate among the great ones.

I'm as passionate about photography as I am about the people I love. I enjoy portrait photography as much as I enjoy street and landscape photography and I hope my work inspires others to explore their creativity and to find their creative passion too.

I currently live in southeastern Pennsylvania with my wife Sherry. Together we enjoy camping, exploring local haunts wherever we go, watching TV and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles!